Best Finance Youtubers to Follow in 2020

Photo: Nordwood Themes via Unsplash

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Long gone are the days of getting your financial information from the weekly paper. The financial world and the influencer era have combined forces to bring engaging money-related content to your timeline. As they say, we are here for it. The “Fin-Fluencers” to follow have a wide following and tons of combined experience to learn from. While industry titans like Bloomberg and Charles Schwab have media channels producing content we are only including individuals in this list. These people cover a wide range of topics from financial minimalism to house-hacking. Whatever your goals may be, there is someone on this list worth checking out. Without further ado, meet the fin-fluencers.

Chelsea Fagan @TheFinancialDiet

A Full Course Money Meal. Chelsea Fagan and her team at The Financial Diet churn out both relevant and engaging content each week. Most of this content centers around their Youtube channel which hosts:

  • The Financial Confessions – A podcast hosted by Chelsea Fagan which interviews a wide range of guests on an even wider range of topics on people and how we live with money.
  • The Financial Diet- Videos hosted by Chelsea that cover personal finance topics from her own unique perspective
  • Making it Work – A video essay series that highlights people stories with money in a way that can help to educate viewers and shed light on real stories.

Graham Stephan @GrahamStephan

The Youtube Real-Estate Mogul. Graham Stephan has become a youtube powerhouse, amassing 1.5 million subscribers on his main channel Graham Stephen, which features several videos with 1 million + views. Aside from being a self-made millionaire at 26, Graham’s strengths also include real-estate investing and frugal living but his daily videos span every money related topic imaginable. One of his most popular series on his second channel (The Graham Stephen Show) is “Millionaire Reacts” which follows Graham and his reactions to how people are handling their money. Often, the people profiled in the videos do not live up to his Frugal Standard of living but entertaining content is guaranteed!

Outside of being an ACTIVE youtuber on his two channels, Graham is also a real-estate agent at the Oppenhiem Group. Yes, that Oppenheim Group from Netflix’s Selling Sunset! This explains the amazing houses featured in some of his videos along with cameos from the show’s Jason Oppenhein and Christine Quinn. If you can’t get enough Graham from his daily video’s, there is also the newly launched Podcast, “The Iced Coffee Hour with Graham Stephen” to check out.

Bola Sokunbi @CleverGirlFinance

Personal Finance 101. Have a seat and listen up because class is in session. As a certified Financial Education Instructor, Bola Sokunbi’s goal is to teach women to become accountable, ditch debt, save money, and build real wealth. Bola’s videos do just that! Her blog is also filled with helpful content as well is that format is more your style. Our favorite part of her channel is the ENTIRE webinars made available. Many topics around personal finance cannot be explained in a 10 minute video and many topics are best when expalined together. Clever Girl Finance’s videos help to educate further than just the surface level explanations. Check out her channel if you want to level up on your financial know-how.

Justine Nelson @DebtFree_Millennials

The Debt Destroyer. We thought it was important for our TBD readers to have a youtuber in their corner when it comes to debt payoff. Justine Nelson paid off 35k in debt after just two and a half years on a 37k salary! Debt is something that will influence nearly all your financial decisions so its key to hear from those who have conquered their debts. Justine covers several different strategies on debt payoff and saving more. If your find yourself in any kind of debt situation look to this channel for inspiration.

Amon + Christina @OurRichJourney

A Family on FIRE. Amon and Christina detail their journey to financial freedom on their channel. They create videos about the F.I.R.E. movement and they followed it all the way to an early retirement with their family. In their videos they include the books and resources that helped them on their journey. In addition to retiring early, Amon and Christina moved to Portugal! How cool? For anyone interested in the F.I.R.E. movement or living abroad, this channel is the resource for you.

Andrei Jikh @AndreiJikh

The Money Minimalist. Andrei burst on to the Youtube scene two years ago and has already amassed a large following on youtube. It is easy to see why with the amount of original content he is able to create regulary. Andrei considers himself a financial minimalist, a movement that is gaining traction in the personal finance world. He also covers dividend investing throughout his videos which deserves a look at for any investor who is starting out. We’re exciting to see where this channel goes in the future.