Real-Estate Investing Podcasts to Follow

Photo: Blake Wheeler via Unsplash

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Bigger Pockets

The heavy-hitting podcast on the list with over 65 million downloads since its inception. This podcast focuses on all different types of real estate investing. Hosts David Greene and Brandon Turner have made a name for themselves investing in real estate and both are authors.

Our favorite episode so far:

BiggerPockets Podcast 333: A Guide to Getting Started in Commercial Real Estate (+ Laundromats?!) With Ken Wimberly

The Real Estate Rookie

The BiggerPockets network brings us this podcast specifically for those just starting out. This shows helps to address the questions you may have always wondered about when it comes to real estate investing. The show also emphasizes mentors and mentees which are beyond helpful when first starting out.

Our favorite episode so far:

Rookie Podcast 23: From Dave Ramsey Disciple to No-Money-Down Real Estate Investor with Sarah Brandenberger

Real Estate Investing

This show hails from the Investors Podcast Network which hosts ‘We Study Billionaires’. The show’s host Robert Leonard talks with a variety of investors from a variety of different niches. This shows offers great insights whether you are a beginner or just looking for new ideas.

Our favorite episode so far:


Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

With a name like that, we expect some good insights from this show. Sure enough, it delivers. This show is the longest-running daily real estate investing podcast. With over 2000+ episodes, this podcast has created an audio encyclopedia of sorts. There is bound to be the information you are looking for, the only problem might be sorting through all of it!

Our favorite episode so far:

JF2165: Tips for Navigating 2020 | Actively Passive Investing Show With Theo Hicks & Travis Watts