Tony Robbin’s Money: Master the Game

Photo: Sincerely Media via Unsplash

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Here’s the deal. We know Tony Robbins isn’t a money guru. In fact, he prefers to not be called a guru at all. So what is the world’s greatest life coach doing writing an investment book?

The thing is when Tony Robbins calls your office you answer the phone. Whether you’re a skeptic or a huge fan, you pick up the phone! So when Tony set out to write a book on money he called every big name in the business of finance to get their insights.

What comes out of all these experts, moguls, and industry titans is a book on finance that truly stands alone. The whole book centers around the question: “Is the game still winnable for the individual investor?”.

The answer, for that most part, that Tony finds is that yes, the game is still winnable. But, there are some obstacles along the way to watch out for and this book will show you how.

One of Master the Game’s most remarkable features is the “all-weather portfolio” told to him by the legendary investor, Ray Dalio. This portfolio is now used and adapted by individual investors around the globe. There are also the portfolio asset-allocation recommendations of Burt Malkiel, David Swensen, and John Bogle. Just these few pages alone make this book worth the money x10!

Throughout this massive book (600+ pages) there are equal parts practical, go-to-market strategies as well as the motivational mindset advice Tony is famous for. Even if you’re not the self-help reader, we encourage you to read this one cover-to-cover.

What this book has that others do not:

  • Ray Dalio’s All Weather Portfolio
  • Why mutual funds aren’t given individuals a fair shake
  • Interviews with industry giants; Carl Icahn, David Swensen, John C. Bogle, Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio, Mary Callahan and more
  • Why your finance person may not have your back
  • How to plan for your life but also your dreams
  • How to actually quantify how much you need to save to create security, financial freedom and more
  • Crushing the common myths we hold on to about money